JJG Engineering Services is a provider of Professional Engineering Design, Finite Element Analysis and Mechanical Engineering Consulting.  I specialize in the following:

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FEA Stress Analysis
I provide stress analysis of just about anything that you can make a model of.  This includes both linear and nonlinear material properties and multi body contact analysis.  I also do buckling and modal analysis.  FEA is the best method for optimizing parts for reduction in material usage, weight and final part cost.  It’s also more affordable that you would think.  Take advantage of our first FEA discount of 25%! 

Mechanical Design
This includes any mechanical device, hydraulic, pneumatic or electrically actuated.   I have a lot of experience in designing machines, devices and tools that do all kinds of things. I couple high creativity, vast experience and FEA to provide the best mechanical solutions available.  This also includes redesign and optimization of existing parts or equipment.

Product Development
Need a new product for a specific application?  Let JJG Engineering have a go at it.  I excel at inventions. I will work to develop new products or optimize existing products for a reduction in material and/or manufacturing costs.

Steel Structures
Machine Frames, Support Structures and small Plant Enclosures designed to your specifications.  I also offer stress and deflection analysis of structures.

Professional Drafting and 3D Modeling
All of my designs are done in 3D.  I’ll even create precise models of existing products.

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