Welcome to JJG Engineering Services. Home of the affordable FEA.  I offer my clients a wide range of Mechanical Engineering services such as Mechanical Design, Product Development, Product Optimization and Finite Element Analysis.  I also provide 3D Modeling and Professional Drafting services.


Finite Element Analysis is the best way to bring a new product to market or remove some cost from an existing product.  Don’t waste all that money on the design, prototype, test, redesign cycles.  FEA can reduce development cost, prototyping cost and time by identifying over-stressed areas in your designs before you spend the money for your first part.  Best of all, it’s more affordable than you thought!

To find out how affordable it is, e-mail me your design with a description of loading, constraints and material properties.  I’ll e-mail you back a free quote for your analysis.  It’s that simple!  No obligation.  No unwanted e-mail.

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